Pumpkins in folklore: How a food becomes symbolic, and how symbols change
TIDBITS 7: Lobster RollsListen now (17 min) | Reflecting on who gets to eat lobster, where we get it from, and the price of having it
Finding a grain of truth about a "Columbused" ingredient
TIDBITS 6: Yuzu KoshoListen now (11 min) | And questioning the idea of "good" food
On shouldering cultural baggage, my Puertorriqueñidad, and yearning
TIDBITS 5: Corned BeefListen now (15 min) | A transatlantic food story that begins in Ireland, and ends up in Puerto Rico
Four case studies in hardship, community, and tradition
TIDBITS 4: Brillat-SavarinListen now (20 min) | A cheese named after the sentimental French gastronome with a selective memory
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