I'm Lari, aka. Larisanjou: a writer and artist of Puerto Rican heritage from the United States, now living in France. I love making food and art, and RENDERED is a project that combines those loves with my curiosity in the world around me.


RENDERED is a fusion of food, history, and art--richly illustrated food history essays, delivered monthly. In my essays, food and history often intersect with personal anecdotes and other wide-ranging subjects like food science, linguistics, feminism, the legacy of colonialism, and more.

Free subscribers receive the RENDERED illustrated essay, released 6 times a year. In addition, I release 4 Art Medleys per year: once per season, you get a visual roundup of my newest artwork, and updates from my art studio.

Paid Subscriptions

By becoming a paid subscriber, you will gain access to bonus content, plus my undying gratitude for your financial support of my writing.

Paid subscribers will, in addition to the illustrated essay, receive access to TIDBITS narrated essays, released 6 times per year. (This means exclusive access to my buttery voice on audio, narrating a subject in food/drink history. You'll get access to the audio track, accompanied by the transcript and an illustration.) Art Collector-tier subscribers receive a custom, original art piece from me!

There are 3 ways to gain access to my paid content:

  • Monthly subscriptions (5€/month) receive:

    • Access to the full archive, including bonus TIDBITS narrated essays

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    • Custom-made painting (A6/postcard-size)

Subscriptions may be gifted--you can get these perks yourself, or you can gift them to someone special.

If you're a current Yearly Subscriber, you may e-mail me (lari@larisanjou.com) with shipping details to receive your zine and sticker.


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RENDERED is a fusion of food, history, and art: richly illustrated food history essays, delivered monthly.


I research, write and illustrate essays about food history.